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We provide all the ingredients for a great cooking experience. Everything you receive comes pre-portioned, and pre-prepped, saving you a ton of time. Focus on the “cook” party of cooking. Our menu is continually curated to make sure you are choosing from the best chef-inspired recipes.
Yes – but as New Yorkers, we realize most nights consist of eating for two. As such, the minimum order size is two plates, but feel free to order more when you find yourself ordering for the family or hosting the next great dinner party.
With one of our founders having an allergy to dairy, dietary restrictions are something we can relate to. Our curated menu makes an effort to include dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian, etc., dishes regularly. However, we currently do not base whole recipe plans around these restrictions. Before ordering, we provide a list of ingredients included in each recipe so you are able to see exactly what you are getting and plan what may be suitable substitutes if necessary.
Sure can. If you trust us with your meals (we have good taste!), you can set up recurring meals on specific days with specific delivery times, and we’ll take care of the rest by choosing your meals for you. Best of all, you’ll enjoy discounts on every meal you order.
Our mission is to enable you to have more fun cooking by making it easier and less time-consuming. Your Craft & Savor delivery will include all the ingredients your recipe calls for, pre-portioned, and more importantly, pre-prepped, allowing you to focus on the “cook” part of cooking. We also provide you with a well-designed recipe card to help you step-by-step. All this comes packaged in a reusable and recyclable insulated tote.
Currently, delivery is only to Manhattan and Brooklyn (recently launched – woo!). We plan to expand to the other NYC boroughs, including Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island shortly.
Delivery in NYC can be a hassle (I live in a walk-up) or a dream (I have a doorman). Either way, we want to make it as easy as possible. To ensure your ingredients are as fresh as possible, our couriers deliver packages on Mondays and Thursdays between 5PM and 8PM. Home early? Set your delivery address to home. Working late? Set your delivery address to work. No need to complicate a simple concept.
If you are anything like us, you take advantage of the restaurant scene in NYC and eat out most Saturdays and Sundays. Right now, all deliveries are made Mondays and Thursdays.
At this time, we are offering dinner service only. If you have the hankering for a healthy lunch option, order a day in advance and keep the ingredients refrigerated until the next day. With our insulated packaging and carefully packaged ingredients, you can avoid the weekend ritual of throwing away the moldy bread and wilted lettuce.
You work/live in New York, you work late, we get it. We want to make cooking at home as easy as possible, and that includes delivery. Let us know what works best for you: deliver to your workplace, leave with a neighbor, leave it at the front door, etc. We’ll follow the instructions you set for us.
Delivering high-quality, fresh ingredients to you is one of our top priorities. Each order is temperature controlled and delivered in an insulated tote. These totes are reusable and recyclable. Take them with you on your next grocery trip or feel free to leave them with us and we’ll pick them up during your next delivery.
Aside from being an extremely timeless fashion accessory, the insulated tote your recipe comes delivered in ensures the ingredients stay fresh during transit. To maximize the freshness in your ingredients, transfer your recipe to your refrigerator upon receiving, and they should remain fresh for 2-3 days.
Our goal is to make cooking a lot easier, not just partially easier. For most of the recipes we offer, we provide all the necessary ingredients (just add water!). If there is a unique ingredient we need you to provide yourself, we’ll be sure to clearly mark this when you are choosing a recipe.
If you’re anything like us, you don’t like to get locked into subscriptions. Not with magazines, not with e-mail addresses, and likely not with food delivery. With this in mind, no subscription is necessary – just order as you please!

Know that you will want meals delivered every week? No problem – we can set up recurring weekly orders just as easy.

Craft and Savor strives to make home cooking easier and faster for New Yorkers. Founded by a native New Yorker, we understand how valuable your time is. Craft and Savor delivers fully-prepped, quality ingredients so you can spend your time cooking and eating instead of peeling and chopping.
We are native New Yorkers. We want to support local farmers / producers as much possible. With that, we’re developing partnerships with high-quality local producers to source locally whenever possible. Due to seasonality, some of our ingredients may come from other regions of the country from time to time, but we will always work with high-quality producers that practice good land stewardship.
If you are a local farmer or local food producer, shoot us an e-mail at info@craftandsavor.com. We’d love to talk about featuring some of your produce or products in our meal kits.